Children come to us in crisis. RFK Children’s Action Corps will be there for them – as we have been for over 45 years. Our counselors, clinicians, teachers and youth advocates do whatever it takes to help the more than 800 children and families who depend on us heal and succeed.Dream Doll

While the majority of our funding comes from state contracts, this funding does not adequately cover the cost of providing quality service.

We rely on private philanthropic support to achieve a margin of excellence, shape new initiatives and develop effective responses to the latest challenges. We must raise $1.5 million in private support this year in order to realize our goals and priorities.

Your generous gift can help provide:

$1,000 = Intensive one-on-one therapy for traumatized children through a trained clinician.
$500 = Therapeutic activities including art, music, and other outdoor programs.
$250 = Educational items, including textbooks and computer software.
$100 = Items to help give children in our care a sense of “normalcy,” including duffel bags for weekend home visits, winter coats and boots.
$50 = Basic necessities, including underwear, socks, and toiletries

RFK Children’s Action Corps manages its budget efficiently. With only 10.8 percent of funds used for administrative purposes, nearly 90 cents of every dollar received directly benefits the children and families we serve.

Make your gift today and help provide a second chance for the boys and girls in our care.

Together, we can change the lives of children and families.