* Closed as of April 2016

The Fay A. Rotenberg School provides education, therapy and counseling to girls who have suffered from significant traumatic incidents, including sexual and physical abuse, poverty and homelessness, sexual exploitation and/or a family history of violence, child abuse or involvement with the justice system.

The Rotenberg School helps each girl understand, acknowledge and take responsibility for behavior resulting from her traumatic past, and learn the skills she needs to make positive choices when she returns to her community.

Residents attend academic classes on campus, and many earn their GEDs. The Rotenberg staff combines structure and accountability with compassion and respect. Each girl is assigned an advocate, a staff member who serves as her point person during her stay. Advocates work with the girls to develop individualized behavioral plans, track their performance, and serve as family member-caretaker-disciplinarian-mentor.

Specific services include:

  • Life skills training through Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Activities such as cooking, yoga, art therapy and exercise programs
  • The “Young Women’s Lives” program, a 10-week course providing information on such topics as teen dating, violence, self-esteem issues, relationships, and the influence of the media on young women and their body images.
  • Established in 1982, the Program demonstrates over 30 years of strength-based programming and continuous service.
  • Specifically designed activities and groups created to meet the needs of the adolescent girls in our care.
  • In a team atmosphere, clinicians and residential counselors address: poverty, sexual exploitation and neglect, as well as help with self-esteem building, strengthening coping skills and overall health and wellness.