EWT School

The Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps EWT School is a therapeutic day school that provides educational and clinical services to students with diverse abilities and disabilities, including those in the emotional, psychiatric and learning realms. The school’s curriculum and support services assist students in reaching milestones such as graduation, the transition to post-secondary educational and vocational opportunities or the return to public school. A small school by design, EWT School creates individualized learning opportunities and accommodation, while establishing a community of learners among students for whom connections to school have often been a challenge.

The EWT SCHOOL Difference

  • Academics: Enriching academic courses are delivered with an emphasis on hands on learning activities, arts and music exploration accessing a variety of musical instruments and studio software and a Common Core-aligned curriculum that prepares students for standardized testing and portfolio preparation.
  • Clinical Services: Staff members utilize a trauma-informed approach in a milieu environment. Clinicians provide a range of support services that includes individual and group counseling, family counseling, behavior modification, crisis intervention and case management.
  • Transition Program: The Transition Coordinator oversees the delivery of the Life-Centered Education curriculum, supervised work-based learning placements and preparation for post-secondary educational and vocational opportunities.
  • Experiential Education: Teachers engage students in direct experience learning opportunities such as outdoor exploration, community engagement activities, and historical site visits with a focused reflection in order to increase knowledge and develop skills.


EWT School Resource Documents:

Academic Year 2017-2018 School Calendar

Student Handbook

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Incident Reporting Form