Pregnant and Considering Adoption?

Bright Futures understands that the decision to make an adoption plan for your child, if you choose to do it, will be one of the most difficult and life-changing steps that you will ever take – one that requires courage, love and support.

Remember there is no “right” or “wrong” decision, as long as it is the one you truly believe will be best for you and your child.

So, at Bright Futures, expectant parents like you can expect to receive:

  • Education and unbiased counseling about all of your options, so that you feel truly informed and respected before making any decision
  • Education and information about the specific path you select, whatever it may be, so that you have resources and support to help you succeed
  • The opportunity – if adoption is your choice – to select and get to know the adoptive parents, and to help shape a positive relationship with them and with your child
  • A range of services and resources during the process and into the future, so that you feel (and are) respected and supported regardless of what you decide

The bottom line: We are there for you. Learn more here.