The late Senator Robert F. Kennedy left a legacy of social justice that focused on poor, disadvantaged children: caring for them, caring about them, believing in them, inspiring them. That was his dream and our goal. It is what we strive for every day, for every child who comes to us.

Kennedy believed that society bears a responsibility to all of its members, and that lasting contributions to society are made by improving the lives of children and their families. With eloquence, energy and zeal, he led by example—reaching out to people in need and challenging others to do the same.

Since 1969, Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps has responded to the late Senator’s call to action by working to improve the lives of children and families through care, treatment, education and advocacy.

The children we serve are challenged by a variety of emotional, psychological, health, environmental and social issues. But whatever the obstacles, RFK Children’s Action Corps is committed to providing every child with the opportunity to heal, learn, grow and reach for a healthy, happy future.