Visit from local radio station and Spring Baskets Brighten the Week at Rotenberg
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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 00:00
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April 4, 2012 - Visit from local radio station and Spring Baskets Brighten the Week at Rotenberg

Last week the girls at our Fay A. Rotenberg School welcomed DJ Melissa from Jamin’ 94.5 as part of the 30th Anniversary Speaker Series. They were so excited for her visit they could barely sit in their seats.  

The group sat in a large circle and talked about a variety of topics.  Melissa shared with the group how she became a DJ (through hard work interning at the station – she said if it wasn’t for her constant work ethic and showing up every day offering to help in any capacity, she would not be where she is today). The girls inspired by her journey asked if there were any internships open so they could follow in her footsteps. 

Melissa also talked with the girls about her volunteer work coaching, participating on a dance team, and the girls favorite topic - celebrity gossip! The girls were so exited to hear all of Melissa's stories and even received Jamin 94.5 t shirts. 


The very next day, a group of students from Newton Country Day School held their Annual Spring Basket Project for the girls at our Fay A. Rotenberg School and South Hadley Girls Treatment Program. The students from Newton Country Day School filled plastic boxes with the girls favorite things they answered on surveys such as; magazines, nail design kits, favorite candies, books, stuffed
animals, small pillows, Boston sports sweatshirts, bath and body supplies, lip gloss and much more! This year as a thank you, the girls at Rotenberg decorated potted plants grown at the program for the students to take home. Every year this is a highlight for both groups!

What a nice week to welcome spring. Thank you Melissa and Newton Country Day School students for helping to make spring brighter for the girls at Rotenberg.  Check out a video from Melissa our YouTube channel and for photos from Newton Country Day School’s visit our Facebook photo album.


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