In 2015, we launched our comprehensive campaign, with a goal of raising $6 million over the next three years. The campaign supports our efforts to meet – and exceed – new expectations for the services and programming we deliver, the systems we are working to improve, and the visionary leadership we aim to keep providing in years to come.

Every Child Deserves a Childhood
Nearly all of the children in our programs have experienced some form of abuse or neglect, coming from homes affected by poverty, substance abuse, and caregivers who are not able to properly care for them.

Expectations – both others’ and their own – are low or virtually non-existent. We are often the last resort for these children.

While with us, children are shown what it feels like to be safe, cared for, and loved.

Breaking the Cycle

The children in our care have experienced a lifetime’s worth of suffering in a short timeframe.

Through our work, we give children the support and tools they need to have goals and see a better future for themselves. We help break the cycle of trauma that has consumed their lives and restore their capacity to learn, trust, function, and dream.

Strengthening our Programs

Our innovative, individualized programming meets the specific needs of each child, providing treatment and healing that address the damaging effects of their past and help set them on a course for a more successful and fulfilling life.

In order to keep providing exceptional care to those who need it most, it is necessary for us to continue delivering high-quality services, maintain talented and dedicated staff, and enhance our initiatives.

Extending our Reach

We help over 800 children and families in Massachusetts annually. In carrying out the legacy of Robert F. Kennedy, we feel obligated to use our proven expertise to help even more individuals, families, and communities throughout the country.

Contributions to the New Expectations campaign will allow us to:
· continue and improve the incomparable direct care services we offer
· meet future challenges children will face
· expand our advocacy and technical work nationwide
· lessen our dependence on contracted funding
· provide a strong foundation that will support the agency in years to come


*All gifts made through December 31, 2018 will be included in the New Expectations comprehensive campaign.