Children of Promise: The Legacy of RFKA documentary that follows three former youth served by the Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps on their courageous journeys from despair to inspiration.
View 10 minute clip here (YouTube).

We were honored that the work of the agency was featured in a documentary, Children of Promise: The Legacy of Robert F. Kennedy on the Investigation Discovery Network.  The documentary featured archival footage and new interviews with Kennedy family members including RFK’s daughters Kerry Kennedy and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. These rare interviews connect the life and work of RFK to the powerful stories of the young people whose lives have been turned around through the work of the Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps.

Only a fraction of at-risk children end up at a place like RFK Children’s Action Corps, where staff treat both youth who have committed offenses, as well as children who come from dangerous and unstable homes.  Staff at RFK Children’s Action Corps work to identify the basis of a child’s problem, and tailor the program to help each child individually.

Get Involved
Host a Viewing Party
Viewing parties are a great way to spread the word about the agency while gathering friends and family who missed the opportunity to see the documentary on television.  Contact Ellen Solomita at  to learn more about hosting a viewing party at your home or office and help showcase the work of the RFK Children’s Action Corps.

Donate Today
Your donation to the RFK Children’s Action Corps will make a positive and immediate impact on the life of a child and support programming designed to stop the cycle of abuse and neglect.  Click here to make a secure online donation or download a mail in donation form.

You can help. You can get involved in raising awareness about child abuse and neglect and in supporting those who are affected by it.  You can know that children whom you may never meet will have you to thank for changing their lives.  Contact your local representative and tell them “No More Cuts to Kids!”