Why Bright Futures?

Our work is tailored to the specific needs of every client and is grounded in the belief that the best interest of the child comes first.

Pregnant women, expectant couples, and pre-adoptive parents choose Bright Futures because we also believe:

  • Adoption starts by placing children into permanent, loving families, but it also includes ongoing education, support and resources to help children and families succeed.
  • Counseling and support are vital for pregnant women and expectant couples, so children can be raised in their families of origin when possible, and so every placement occurs only as a result of informed decision-making.
  • Counseling, resources and other services should be available for pregnant women, expectant couples, and prospective adoptive parents of all races and ethnicities.
  • Outreach to and support for pregnant women, expectant couples and pre-adoptive parents of color is vitally important, especially for their children, and pregnant women and expectant couples should have the choice of selecting an adoptive family that reflects their child’s heritage.
  • Kindness, respect, openness and honesty are the keys to successful adoptions for all of the children’s families.
  • Encouraging safe and nurturing ongoing contact between birth and adoptive families is essential to providing lifelong access to information for children and helping children feel whole.