Getting Started

The adoption process begins with learning about the different types of adoption available to you, analyzing your parenting strengths and considering what type of child you are comfortable parenting. Bright Futures will assist you in beginning this process with an Orientation Packet and an Initial Educational Consult. The Orientation Packet will include information about different types of adoption, starting the adoption process and an Adoptive Parent Intake Form that will help you begin to consider and discuss your feelings about adoption.

During the Initial Educational Consult, we will talk with you about why you have decided to build your family through adoption, your specific needs, desires and concerns about adoption, and what type of adoption is right for you. We will also explain the services offered by Bright Futures, our policies and procedures and how you can begin networking to find a pregnant women/couple.

Adoptive Parent Orientation Packet

Adoption Glossary

Qualifications for Adoptive Parents

Schedule an Initial Educational Consult

Adoptive Parent Application and Intake Form

Once you have decided to build your family through adoption and you have a sense of what type of child you are comfortable parenting, the next step is to begin the homestudy process.

The Homestudy Process

Homestudy Check-list

Discipline Statement

After your Initial Educational Consult, if you choose to continue to work with Bright Futures, Bright Futures asks that you sign an Adoption Services and Responsibility Agreement.

Adoption Services and Responsibility Agreement (Full service clients)

Adoption Services and Responsibility Agreement (Homestudy, ICPC, post-placement supervision and legal finalization only).