Considering Adoption to Build Your Family?

Bright Futures understands that the decision to build your family through adoption will be one of the most complicated and life-changing steps that you will ever take – one that is joyous for you at its heart, but that can also spark concerns and anxiety.

Many of the professionals at Bright Futures have had their lives enriched by adoption, so we understand your excitement and anticipation as you build or add to your family.

We also understand that your life experience has brought you to this point, so we will really listen as we provide you with the information, counseling and resources you need to make an informed decision about whether to proceed and, if you do, what sort of adoption makes the most sense for you.

At Bright Futures, pre-adoptive parents like you can expect to receive:

  • Education and counseling about all types of adoption, about dealing with infertility (or other specific issues in your life) and about the realities of the road ahead
  • Education and resources so you can participate in every phase of the adoption process, and so you understand the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved
  • A range of services throughout the process and into the future, so that you and your family have the knowledge and resources you need to succeed
  • If you choose infant adoption, the opportunity to get to know the expectant woman or couple who has selected you, and to help shape your future relationship with them
  • If you choose to adopt from foster care, the opportunity before placement to get to know the child and, as circumstances permit, members of his/her family of origin too

The bottom line: We are there for you.