Infant Adoption Program


Bright Futures’ Infant Adoption Program places newborns and infants born in the United States with loving families.

From the start, Bright Futures’ Infant Adoption Program offers education, counseling and support to pregnant women, to their partners and to pre-adoptive parents, so that everyone involved can make thoughtful, well-informed and compassionate plans for themselves and, most important, for their children.

We are there for you before, during and after the adoption process so everyone gets the help and resources they need to succeed into the future.  We believe that every adoption should be as honest and open as possible by:

  • Putting the best interests of the child first, including arranging for access to ongoing information about themselves, their medical histories and other aspects of their families of origin
  • Providing all of the child’s parents with the opportunity to know and respect each another, to appreciate the value of ongoing communications, and to build successful relationships
  • Creating an adoption plan in which all the child’s parents participate and have their needs addressed, and in which adoption is understood as a lifelong journey for everyone

Learn about the process of adopting an infant or newborn by clicking on the links below.

Have Questions?
Please contact us or call us at 978-263-5400 for a confidential discussion about infant adoption.