Florence Crittenton Files

Effective July 1, 2011, Bright Futures Adoption Center has taken on the care and protection of the adoption records of the Florence Crittenton League of Lowell, Massachusetts.

As a licensed Massachusetts adoption agency, we understand the critical need to maintain information in adoption records for the benefit of the birth parents, adoptive parents and their children.  We also recognize that taking on the care and protection of these records comes with a cost.  At this time, although there is an ethical and licensing obligation to maintain such records in perpetuity, there is no public funding source for the long term maintenance of adoption records.  We hope that if you are visiting this page you understand the importance of access to such information for all involved.  Please consider making a donation to support the Florence Crittenton Files by clicking on the link below.  All amounts are gratefully accepted and will go solely to maintaining the files. Donate Now

If you are an adopted person, an adoptive parent, a birth parent or a sibling or other relative interested in obtaining information from the adoption records, please read our:

Policy and Procedure for the Release of Adoption Information and Search

Grievance and Appeal Procedure

Below are links to the various forms that you may need in connection with your request for the release of information.

For International Adoptions:

Adoption Search Application — International Adoptions

If you are an Adopted Person:

Adoption Search Application — Adopted Person
File Release Consent Form — Adopted Person

If you are an Adoptive Parent:

Adoption Search Application — Adoptive Parent
File Release Consent Form — Adoptive Parent

If you are a Birth Parent:

Adoption Search Application — Birth Parent
File Release Consent Form — Birth Parent

If you are a Sibling/Other Relative:

Adoption Search Application — Sibling or Other Relative
File Release Consent Form — Sibling/Other Relative

For more information about the release of adoption information from the Florence Crittenton League records, please call 978-263-5400.