Starting an Adoptive Family

Adopting A Foster Child

The choice to build your family through adoption is a major life decision that, in most people, causes a myriad of concerns and great anticipation. Since our lives have been enriched by adoption, we understand your excitement and anxiety as you begin to build or add to your family.

We also understand that your life experience, whether that is a struggle with infertility, the loss of a child, or the desire to support children and the community, has brought you to this decision. We at Bright Futures can help explain the adoption process, listen to your concerns, and support you in making an adoption plan, but ultimately you must choose the type of adoption that works for you.

At Bright Futures adopting parents are encouraged to:

  • participate in the adoption process,
  • learn about the needs of the children in foster care awaiting placement,
  • get to know and respect the child and those who are important to the child,
  • understand the roles and responsibilities of the members of an adoption triangle,
  • work with the child, his or her birth family, his or her current caretaker, DCF and Bright Futures to make an adoption plan that is in the best interest of the child,
  • participate in a thoughtful transition for the child, and
  • obtain post adoption support services to help sustain the placement.