Adoption from Foster Care

Bright Futures’ Adoption And Permanency Program finds “forever families” for children of all ages currently waiting in the Massachusetts Foster Care system.

Bright Futures’ Adoption and Permanency Program focuses on:

  • Finding permanent, loving families for children and sibling groups of all races and ages, from birth to 18, currently in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families; and, equally important,
  • Helping those children and families to succeed by providing access to ongoing counseling, supports, services and resources

These foster children for adoption usually have been involuntarily removed from their parents or other caregivers because they have experienced neglect, trauma of various sorts and loss.  They have a wide range (from minor to major) of medical, behavioral, cognitive, psychological or emotional challenges, so they need families who will provide the unconditional love, support and encouragement that will enable them to reach their full potential.

At Bright Futures, recognizing that safety issues must be a priority, we believe every adoption or other permanency option for these children should be as honest and open as possible by:

  • Focusing on the best interests of the child, including arranging for access to ongoing information about themselves, their medical histories and other aspects of their families of origin
  • Beginning with complete knowledge of the child’s history, needs and strengths, and with the understanding that adoption is a lifelong journey for everyone involved
  • Providing the pre-adoptive parents and the child – and members of the family of origin if appropriate – with the opportunity to get to know and respect each other before placement
  • Maintaining safe, positive connections between and among the child and all of the parents, siblings, and other relatives/important people in his or her life

Please contact us or call us at 978-263-5400 for a confidential discussion on how you can become a “forever family” for a foster child.