Our Staff and Board

Karen B. Cheyney, JD, LSWA, is a co-founder and the Director of Bright Futures and an adoptive mother of two children through open adoption. For more than twenty years, Karen has provided a broad range of legal and counseling services for parents and children. She and her husband have also acted as foster parents.

Tamara J. Cadet, MSW, MPH, LICSW, is the co-founder of Bright Futures and the child of an adoptee. Tammy has provided birth and adoptive parent counseling, training and networking, and is now a member of the Advisory Board.

Janet Tyndall, LICSW, works with birth and adoptive parents. As a clinician for more than 25 years, Janet has worked in many different settings with children and families. Janet grew up with an adopted sibling.

Adrienne Williams , M.Ed., is the Director of Community Based Services for RFK Children’s Action Corps with oversight of Bright Futures. She has 30 years of experience working with vulnerable children, youth and families.

Wendy Vandenhoeck, LICSW, works as the clinical supervisor for Bright Futures. Wendy has extensive experience working with all members of the adoption triad and has worked in the field of adoption for 15 years.

Dawn Smith-Pliner is a member of Bright Futures’ Advisory Team and served on Bright Futures’ Board for nine years.. She and her husband are the adoptive parents of two terrific young adults. Dawn is also the founder and director of Friends in Adoption, a nontraditional licensed child-placing agency, located in Vermont. Having survived in the position for more than 25 years, Dawn considers herself a sage in the ever changing, challenging world of adoption.

David Stolow is a member of Bright Futures’ Advisory Team amd served on Bright Futures’ Board for 9 years. David has a Master’s Degree in Public and Private Management from Yale University and has spent many years working in financial management and strategy positions at different nonprofit, community and child-oriented organizations. David is an uncle through adoption and has a special place in his heart for adoption related work.