Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Bright Futures promotes open adoption: where birth and adoptive parents have options and involvement throughout the adoption process and children have access to ongoing information about themselves and their birth families. It is our job to help birth parents and adoptive parents work together, with kindness and respect, to build the brightest possible future for their child. We are dedicated to creating permanence for every child that we serve.

Our Core Values

We believe:

  • in the legacy of Robert F. Kennedy – that society has a responsibility to the poor and disadvantaged,
  • in respecting the dignity and individuality of every human being,
  • that all children have the right to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment,and
  • that every person has a right to reach his or her full potential.

Our Special Focus

Bright Futures was formed for the purpose of welcoming birth and adoptive families of color into the adoption process. We believe that it is critical to provide pregnant women/couples expecting children of color with choices of adoptive families of color. In our experience, expectant/birth parents presented with choices are likely to select a family that reflects the race of the child they are carrying. We believe that expectant/birth parents presented with choices of families that reflect their child’s heritage will be more at peace with their adoption decision than those who feel that they did not have a choice.

We also know that there are many children of color currently in foster care in Massachusetts waiting for their “forever families” and that welcoming families of color will allow more children of color to find permanence in homes that reflect and support their racial and cultural heritage.

We are proud that over the years, Bright Futures has become a resource for other adoption agencies nationwide seeking adoptive families of color. Our current fee schedule makes it possible for our preadoptive families to accept placements from other agencies and still keep their adoption affordable.