Bright Futures Adoption Center, a program of Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps, Inc., is a licensed, non-profit, domestic adoption agency with two programs:

Infant Adoption Program — placing infants born in the United States


Adoption and Permanency Program — finding “forever families” for children of all ages currently waiting in the Massachusetts foster care system.

Our mission is to educate, counsel and support expectant parents, birth parents, children, and adoptive parents through the adoption process in an ethical and compassionate manner.

Bright Futures was formed in 1999 for the dual purposes of welcoming families of color to the adoption process and encouraging safe and nurturing ongoing contact between birth and adoptive families to provide lifelong access to information for children.

Bright Futures provides a full range of adoption services, including options counseling, pre-adoptive parent education and MAPP training, home studies, matching, adoption and transition planning, post placement supervision, legal finalization, ICPC and post adoption support services.